Long Track Speed Skates

Long Track Clap Ice Blade
M3 Long Track Clap Ice Blade €199,00
Long Track Boss Boot
Long Track Boss Boots €260,00 Mount separation: 165mm Mount separation: Euro separation
Long Track Boss Ice Skates
Long Track Boss Ice Skates €260,00 Mount separation: EURO
Long Track Z Boots From €350,00 Mount separation: EURO or 165mm
Long Track Vaypor Streamline Boots €600,00 Mount separation: EURO
Long Track Vaypor X Boots €600,00 Mount separation: EURO

Buy speed skates. Bont's Long Track Ice Speed Skating range is made from high-end materials and is very lightweightPerfect for all levels of experience, from beginner through to elite

Buy the fastest and best long track skates and speed skates.

Bont was the first long track speed skate producer to use materials such as fiberglass, Kevlar, and carbon fiber in the construction of our long track speed skating boots. This technology allowed speed skaters to apply more force to the ice and increase their speed. Without this technology, the boots would have been too soft to use clap blades. Bont long track speed skates are light weight and comfortable. Perfect for beginner to elite skaters. Bont long track skates are great for men, women, kids, boys and girls.